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Industrial Motor Storage

Regarding motor storage here at Tulco and any other item with a rotating element, we rotate the shaft every two weeks, fifty to seventy-five rotations. We also put a wrap on the shaft just as an added protection against the shaft even though it is in a humidity controlled enivornment. We like to go the extra mile. Basically we are just rotating them by hand fifty to seventy-five rotations.

The majority of the motors here at Tulco have been repaired by our motor shop Eagel Electric Machinery Incorporated. When they’re done there you have a warranty period from the repairs. If you store your motor here at Tulco as a spare motor then your warrantry period will not take effect until it is removed from Tulco and shipped to your facility. The reason for this is because we know it is here in a humdity controlled environment and we are rotating the shaft every two weeks.