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Industrial Storage

The Evolution of Industrial Storage

The business world has changed in many ways. Companies are now capable of offering faster and more reliable services thanks to the introduction of advanced automation. Business practices have evolved as well. Industrial practices have been replaced by more robust, efficient, and reliable solutions. And one of these is industrial storage.

Atmospheric Regulation

A recurring feature, which is offered with most industrial storage options today, is that of climate control. Like the name suggests, climate control units are fitted with HVAC that allows the owners to set and monitor the interior temperature. Climate controlled industrial storage might cost a little extra, but the benefits are certainly worth it.

One of the chief benefits of this type of industrial storage is the protection that if offers. Thanks to the atmospheric regulations, items that are kept in storage experience are protected from the freezing and thawing action caused by the changes in the season. This makes them a good storage option for delicate materials and sensitive equipment. Climate controlled units are also better insulated against dust, spores and mold.


Climate controlled industrial storage allows for a wider range of storage items. They can be used to store valuable items that would otherwise have been affected by fluctuating temperature, high humidity, and static. Some of these include blueprints, x-rays, videotape, backup tapes, and software. Climate control storage can also be used for delicate machinery and electronics.

 There are different rules surrounding the use of climate-controlled units, but most agencies ensure that the temperature within the storage home is always kept below 32 degrees and never below freezing. Owners can however specify their preferred settings by discussing these with the management.